MySQL Workbench Propel export plugin v0.5

After more than a year, the propel export-plugin got updated! The changes are not massive, but nice nonetheless.

Lets see what is new:

  • Works with Workbench 5.1 (OSS and SE)
  • Adds support for Workbenchs User Data Types
  • Fixes BOOLEANS appearing as UNKNOWN (when using Workbench 5.1)
  • Supports Propel 1.3 defaultExpr-Attribute
  • Add name-attribute to unique and index-tags
  • Add size-attribute to unique-indexes and normal indexes only if size is available

This means that it works now with the actual Workbench-Release and fully supports Propel 1.2 and Propel 1.3. It should also work with the upcoming Propel 1.4 but 1.4-specific features such as behaviours are not yet supported.

Download Link: MySQL Workbench Propel-Export Plugin v0.5
(Be sure to reload the file if it still shows the 0.4 version)

If you have questions regarding the new features or you find bugs / have suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Edit: Fixed link. Sorry!

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Reader Comments

the link to version 0.5 does open a page ( ) stating:

“Oops – There’s Nothing Here
It looks like the blog owner hasn’t written anything yet!”

try this link
I found this with with version 0.4 but it seams that file was replaced

Very nice MySQL Workbench plugin – and useful. Could you please add table description to the propel code. Actually, we added:

if (currentTable.comment~=”) then

to the 487 line (in loop which goes through all tables)

Now description attribute is shown in table tag, if table has description.

Thank you!

Frist of, your plugin is really great :)

Second, i’ve been trying to get the comment from the foreign key, and i guess i’ve succeeded on finding the field:
… print(“\nForeign key columns? “) print(foreignKey.columns[l])

however, the field is always (edit relationship – comment ).
I believe it is a MySQL WB bug, cause it doesnt allow to edit the comment field (or i don’t know how..)

Any ideas, thoughts or sugestions are very welcome, ty!


however, the field is always empty! (edit relationship – comment ).
sorry for the mistake.

Opps, my bad, i found how to edit the field but the changes are not saved. That’s a MySQL WB problem.

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